Having the right people and resources are essential when embarking on a new venture as these factors not only collectively ensure that it is successful, but that it also meets its optimal potential. Ideal Incubator is committed to discovering and providing such resources to Tamil entrepreneurs seeking to showcase their innovative ideas. That’s where The Launch Pad comes in. Airing this upcoming fall 2015 in partnership with TET, ambitious and aspiring Tamil Canadian entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to a panel of successful Canadian Tamil industry players.

The entrepreneurs who have the courage to enter have already completed the first step. Next they’ll have 10 minutes to convince the judges that their innovative idea, product or service has the competitive advantage to separate them from the rest and become the next ‘big thing’ worthy to help them walk out with a deal that could change their life.

There are no bidding wars at The Launch Pad. The judges work collectively to represent Ideal Incubator in discovering an entrepreneur who has what it takes to make it. Participants who come unprepared risk putting their opportunity on the line. If the judges like what they see and hear the deal might very well be theirs.

Ideal Incubator’s The Launch Pad aims to provide innovative Tamil minds with the resources and capital to pursue their dreams and make them a reality. If you have the elements to succeed, The Launch Pad has the tools to help.

The Launch Pad is now taking applicants. To apply, visit: